African Tantalum

Kennedy Ventures currently holds a 75% stake in Aftan, which in turn holds two wholly owned subsidiaries, Namibia Tantalite Investments (NTI) (holds operating assets and plant) and Tameka Shelf Company (holds title and licences to Tantalite Valley).

Aftan is a dedicated tantalum company. Through its subsidiaries, the Company manages and operates the Tantalite Valley Mine (TVM) in Southern Namibia, near Warmbad in the Karas District.

TVM is already in production and Aftan's current focus is on the ramp up throughput to 10,500t/month on 2Q 2016. A second phase of expansion is planned for 2017 which includes a specialised fines recovery plant.

Aside from TYM production, Aftan has instigated several projects into:

  • Other minerals (lithium, mica, feldspars)
  • Other deposits (SA, Zimbabwe, Mozambique)
  • Outsourced materials (concentrates, slags)
  • Downstream processing (blending and chemical)


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